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Question & Answer

Question: I'm a Fuqua faculty member. How can I put print materials on reserve for my course?

The Collection Services Librarian will place library materials "on reserve" for faculty who require all students to use those materials as part of their coursework. Reserve materials may be checked out by students for a period of 2, to 24 hours depending on the material type.

  1. Advance Delivery - Please deliver materials which are not part of the Library collection (your personal copies of books, disks, or papers) to the Collection Services Librarian at least 1 business day before students will be required to use them.
  2. This advance delivery is necessary because computer records must be created for items to insure that they can be checked out to, and recalled from students in our library computer system. This will also allow time to notify student staff assistants that these item(s) have been placed on reserve and the particular policies for lending them out.
  3. Course Textbooks - Please notify the Collection Services Librarian of the titles and edition numbers of any course textbooks or library books you wish to place on reserve at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the term. This advance notice is necessary so that we may recall copies of items which are checked out by other borrowers.
  4. Numbers of Copies - Please provide sufficient numbers of copies of sample tests, problem sets, diskettes, or photocopied articles to the Collection Services Librarian to insure that your students will be able to use them without the need to be "wait-listed" to access popular required materials. Please note that advance delivery is necessary for these items.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, or closed reserves in general, please contact our Collection Services Librarian at 660-7873.