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Question & Answer

Question: How do I get access to Wharton Research Data Services(WRDS) datasets?

If you are a Fuqua Daytime MBA, Fuqua MMS, Duke University Masters, or Duke Phd student, a Duke faculty member, or a faculty-supervised Research Assistant, you should apply for a direct account on WRDS.

Fuqua Executive MBAs, Duke undergraduates, and Duke Staff must take the following steps to access WRDS:

  1. User follows a link from a Library web site to a WRDS data set.
  2. User enters their Duke NetID and password when prompted by Duke.
  3. User enters their Duke eMail address at the WRDS web site.
  4. WRDS sends a "WRDS Day Pass" email to the user's Duke eMail account that contains a "connection string" (Daypass) URL.
  5. The user follows the Day Pass URL in the message, enters their Duke NetID and password again and is then connected directly to the WRDS site, and may begin their research.